Saturday, May 10, 2008

Birding this morning

Biked down to the Locks this morning, about half an hour after sunrise (I was tired). Most of the warblers from recent days have moved on, although there was still good diversity, with 9 species. Ran into Stan Phippen there who said he'd had 2 more before I got there. The only shorebirds were a Least Sandpiper and a couple Killdeer. Scored one new bird for the year here - Warbling Vireo - as well as added Nashville Warbler to my Bigby list.

Then I continued to Bellevue where I found a Rose-breasted Grosbeak (male), another new bird for the year. The Marbled Godwit from May 6 is still there, somewhat of a surprise given that the Western Tanager has gone and the Tufted Duck hasn't been seen since last night (by my friend and I). I ended up putting a good 14 km on my bike, and I forgot to add to my last post that I did 23.5 km that day.

The Yellow-rumps and Palms have been coming through in good numbers these last few days, hopefully a sign that more numbers of other warblers are close behind!

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