Thursday, August 28, 2008

nightwatching and warblers

I tried a bit of nightwatching (listening) the past two nights, nothing on the first night (too noisy), had a few cheeps and chirps last night, but again was pretty noisy, and there were quite a few mosquitoes around. I'll try again tonight if the rain holds off. Had my first flock of fall warblers go through the yard, along with a family group or two of chickadees - Black-throated Green, Nashville, and a juvenile Mourning Warbler were all I could pick out before they took off. Had the Mourning Warbler about 5 feet away out my front window, catching insects in the lilac! There's been quite a few flocks going through the golf course, but I didn't have the binos and I'm no good with warbler call notes yet. Hopefully I can get some birding time in before all the warblers and shorebirds take off!

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