Sunday, October 19, 2008

WPBO - Oct. 18

John and I headed over to the Point yesterday on a whim, and despite the late start we didn't miss much of anything at the point. John brought some millet, as they didn't have any all season, and we put about half a bag of it out. Less than 5 minutes later we got a call on the radio - Dickcissel at the feeder! We ran back and got looks at it. So, that brought in a rarity (second latest date for them) - imagine what they would have had earlier if they'd had seed out... Only my second-ever Dickcissel at the point - the other was an adult male that I found back in Sept. 1999. The other oddity of the day was a juvie Bonaparte's Gull that came by the shack, then circled back and landed not 10 feet from us when Tim threw some chips out! Never before have I seen a Bonie that close.
Imm. male Dickcissel
juv. Bonaparte's Gull

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