Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hawk Owl!

Despite severe weather warnings, I convinced my mom it would be a good idea to let me across the border for a few hours today in between storms, to look for a couple hawk owls that were reported yesterday. I managed to find one of the two, and got some decent pics when it landed on a telephone pole right next to me! This was only my second-ever Hawk Owl - first one was March 5, 2005. I also added Wild Turkey, Rough-legged Hawk, Evening Grosbeak, and Red-breasted Merganser to the year list - adding in the Red Crossbills I saw yesterday while skiing I'm at 41 for the year (33 sp. today). I think I'm going to put up a page on my site for my day lists - I use them for future reference and lost all my notes from 2005-2008 when the computer crashed - this way they are safe unless freewebs crashes!

On another note, that siskin from the other day is apparently a "green-morph" bird, which make up about 1% of the total siskin population, and are most frequent in the southwestern USA.

Sitting in the tree - first view of it

It flew down the road a ways, then back to the tree - I just stood on the road and watched

Then it flew from the tree to the pole I was standing beside!
I moved around the pole to get a profile view


Stony Lake Birds said...

Great shots of the Northern Hawk Owl and an awesome start to the new year.


markie said...

it still floors me how swift they are in flight