Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recent pics

Ok, here are some of my pics from the past little while. Most of them came through without problems, but a few are still getting messed up in the transition from camera to computer for some reason.

I'll start off with a few from the backyard. I've had between 40 and 100 siskins at the feeder every day for the past week. Redpoll numbers have increased from 1 back in early January to 10 a week ago, and now are up to around 40 or 50. They've brought 2 Hoaries with them, 1 is a nice male and the other is a female - possibly of the nominate hornemanni subspecies.

This piebald Pine Siskin has been visiting the feeders since early January. I see him/her every few days.

This is the male Hoary Redpoll - note the lightly streaked sides and clean undertail. He also has a nice pink wash with a pink rump.

Here is a similar-looking male Common Redpoll for comparison (shown with a Pine Siskin). Note the dark streak on the undertail, and more streaking on the flanks.
This is one of the few xanthrochroic siskins that have been visiting the feeders. They aren't green-morphs (like the one I had back in early January - saw it a few days ago as well), but just have an increased amount of yellow in the wings and tail.
Now on to the pictures from the Locks the other day. Here's the main building for the locks themselves.
The Rusty Blackbird which was the main reason for my visit.
One of the 14 American Robins I saw (with a Cedar Waxwing).
One of the flock of around 80 Common Redpolls - feeding on an alder bush.
How many Bohemian Waxwings can you spot?
A few shots of Bohemian Waxwings.
They're a lot fatter than Cedars.
Compare the Bohemian (right) to the Cedars (left). Note the overall gray colouring, with the reddish undertail.

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