Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Adventures

Yesterday I met up with Jason T from southern Michigan for an afternoon of birding south of the Sault. We had a decent day with 34 species - 3 of which were lifers for him! Unfortunately, the Hawk Owls decided it'd be a good time to leave, and we didn't find a single one of the three that were here all winter. We did have an unexpected Gray Jay though, along with most of the finches including 2 very nice Hoary Redpolls.

Today I decided to skip out on Searchmont so I could sleep for an extra hour or two and then work on some things. Turned out to be a good plan as my brother wasn't feeling well so they came back early anyway. It was a beautiful day, with temps up to 8ºC!!! After being outside in the backyard for a bit and finding my first Dark-eyed Junco for the year, I decided to bike down to Bellevue to see what was around. It was so warm I only needed a t-shirt and jeans (although most other people were still wearing jackets for some reason...). Anyway, I managed to add 4 year birds and 16 new Bigby birds today (plus the junco) - year birds were Canada Goose, Ring-necked Duck, Bufflehead, and Red-winged Blackbird, bringing my year list up to 65 and Bigby to 33! Spring is here! (hopefully it'll stay this time)

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