Saturday, March 27, 2010

Colorado trip pics

Well, here they are, my long overdue photos from Colorado. I have a few more I still have to edit, so will probably post them sometime in the future.

Day 1:
Denver Airport pano - notice anything odd?

Western Screech-Owl

Day 2:
Colorado National Monument

Horsethief Canyon
Delicate Arch and areaEntrance to Double-O Arch Trail

Landscape Arch
Me and Jacob posing in a small Arch

The trail to Double-O arch - note the 100+ foot drop on the right side (can't see in fog)

Double-O in the mist

Day 3:
Jerry Creek Reservoir

167 of them in this shot

Juniper Titmouse
Prairie Falcon

Powderhorn Ski Area
Powderhorn View
Day 4:
My bad Chukar shot

Confluence Park
American Coots

Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Northern Pygmy-Owl that Jacob spotted

Black Canyon Highway
Day 5:
Our CBC canyon

Cougar Track with my hand for size comparison

Canyon Wren foraging

Lewis's Woodpecker at Jason's house

The Harris's Sparrow with a Spotted Towhee

Day 6:
Loveland Pano - on the road up

Loveland pano from just above 12000 feet
Ptarmigan habitat
Day 7:
Cooperative American Dipper on the mesa

Steller's Jay that didn't want poptarts

Mountain Chickadee that was very interested in poptarts

Gray Jay

He came in for poptarts too

View from the Mesa (~10 000 feet elev.)

Mountain Bluebird


Brendan F. said...

Great shots!

Black-Hawk Birder said...

Awesome shots dude! Your pictures almost make it look better than it did when we were there lol.