Tuesday, June 8, 2010

May Pictures

Ok, so here are my pics from just after Pelee until just before I headed south, hope you enjoy! I decided my southern adventure is worthy of its own post.

Tree Swallows at Guelph Lake

'Herman' the tame Wood Duck at the Locks

Lincoln's Sparrow at WPBO

Turkey Vulture at WPBO

Sharp-shinned Hawk at WPBO

Spruce Grouse on Vermillion Rd.

Turkey Vulture at Vermillion

Willets on the TahquamenonLong-billed Dowitcher in Bruce Mines

Bald Eagle pair at Pumpkin point

American White Pelicans with the International Bridge

Mallard babies at the Locks

American Coot at the Locks

Solitary Sandpiper at the Locks

Great Egret at the Locks

My first-ever shot of an American Crow - and yes I have pics of Fish and Northwestern already which makes this very sad...
Canadian Common Tern at Bellevue

Canada Goose babies at Bellevue

Green-winged Teal at Bellevue

Black Bear near Bruce Mines on my Big Day

Common Terns at Pumpkin Point

Broad-winged Hawk at the Locks

Herman and his mate

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