Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Banding this weekend...plus a bonus!

I know I said this would be up yesterday, but things didn't quite go as planned (in a good way!).

Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings I joined Brett Fried (along with his girlfriend Erika on two days) for some bird banding at Springbank Park (also known as RARE). We had a pretty good time and banded 236 birds (141, 80, 15 were the daily totals), most of which were goldfinches but we had about 17 other species to keep things interesting. 12 of them were new for my banding totals, putting me up to 58 species! Definite highlights were Rusty Blackbird, Brown Creeper, Northern Flicker and 7 species of sparrow.

On Monday Brett and I packed up banding early, partly due to the slow day and partly because we wanted to get over to Port Weller, where a Purple Gallinule had been found! After helping to move a shed and picking Erika up we headed out and got to Port Weller in the early afternoon, right when the day was at it's hottest. Once we got to the pond, we didn't have to wait long before somebody spotted the bird, and after a short walk we had it in the scope. Lifer! My first one since June too, quite the Thanksgiving bonus. It was much too far for any kind of decent pic but at least the scope views were good. It was also in juvenile plumage - guess I'll just have to head south at some point to see an adult!

Also - comments on the quiz are published, I won't say whether they're right or wrong but feel free to add your own!!!!

 Emily and Brett with a mound of birds on Saturday

Rusty Blackbird!!!! (female, Brett banded a nice male in the next net run)

 Field Sparrow

 Northern Flicker "intergrade" Red x Yellow-shafted

"Western" Palm Warbler

 Lincoln's Sparrow - the softest bird I've ever held

Chickadees are feisty little buggers

Distant Purple Gallinule in Port Weller!!!!

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dwaynejava said...

David, Nice mix of photos! Banding birds must really give very detailed understanding of plumage etc. Nice catch with the PUGA. They are easily seen in the Everglades on Ahahinga Trail.