Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wind map

Haven't had much going on lately as final exams/projects are looming! I have had a few new ones for the yard though, namely Northern Mockingbird and a very early Barn Swallow. I'm still hoping for a Fish Crow to fly over, especially as there seem to be about 7 or 8 birds in the Hamilton/Guelph/Cambridge area.

For those of you interested in wind patterns (and seeing whether birds will be getting pushed into Ontario), check out this link: - it shows an hourly forecast of wind conditions in the US, but Southern Ontario is close enough. My guess is that on days with strong southerly flow from the Gulf coast all the way up here will be pretty good for migration (and rarities?)! It's also pretty cool to see the Coriolis effect in action once in a while, as winds spin counter-clockwise into a low pressure system and clockwise out of a high pressure system due to the rotation of the Earth.

Don't forget to try the quiz below!

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dwaynejava said...

David, thanks for sharing this cool resource. Only a Physics major would have known the name 'Coriolis effect' ... I love it! -DM