Friday, October 5, 2012

Quick Post - EUWI

I'll keep this brief and to the point and do a better summary later of my weekend adventures. Suffice it to say that I am in the Sault on west winds with high hopes.

On my way up today I found a Eurasian Wigeon in Bruce Mines, hopefully it sticks around so some other people can see it as this is the 2nd record for Algoma! (and 2nd for the Sault area, the other one was on the Michigan side though, the 1st Algoma record was outside of the Sault area).

Here are some horrible documentation shots (crappy phone camera, small scope, terrible light, etc, etc). Hopefully you'll still get the idea!

Another interesting find was a Mallard x Northern Pintail hybrid hanging out with a female Pintail at Echo Bay - no pics of that one unfortunately.

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Tyler said...

Thanks for finding this. I will have to leave the Soo for it now :)