Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bon Portage part 1: Summary

Well, I've been off the island for almost 3 weeks now, so I figured it was time to post a summary of the season. No pics here unfortunately, those will be coming up in future posts!

I ended up being on the island from August 15-November 3, or 81 days total. It was an interesting experience to be away from civilization for that long but I thoroughly enjoyed it and will likely be returning next year for round 2!

Anyway, here are some stats to summarize the season - photos will be coming up soon!

Number of species: 217 (117 in August, 160 in September, 170 in October, 57 in November)
Number of individuals: 84, 461
Number of species banded: 66
Number of individuals banded: 1385
ABA lifers: 5 (Common Eider, Atlantic Puffin, Great Cormorant, Roseate Tern, Northern Fulmar)
Canada lifers: 11 (above plus Sooty, Great, Manx and Cory's Shearwaters, South Polar Skua, American Oystercatcher)
Number of steps walked: ~1, 200, 000 - about 1100km or 13.8km/day, on an island that is 3 x 0.5km... my record was about 28km one day
Number of times I swam in the ocean: 1 (which was 1 more than almost everyone else! That water is FREEZING!)

I could go on like this for a while but I know all you really want to see is the pictures, so I'll get to work on those.

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ljb said...

That's a lot of birds and a lot of walking big guy. Love reading your updates!