Thursday, January 23, 2014


Ok, so I forgot I had to post these and my last post wasn't the last BP-themed one - oh well.

My other 'lifer' on the island was Ipswich Sparrow - currently recognized as a subspecies of Savannah Sparrow and probably not a good candidate for a split, but I like subspecies so it gets it's own post! I was actually pretty excited to try to find some of these guys while I was on the island, and managed to find my first one on September 3 while out on census during a bad-weather day. We had great close-up looks at this individual but it wasn't until a little over a month later that the real show began. From October 8-November 3 we saw Ipswich Sparrows at least a few days per week and ended the season with 90 sightings (some likely involving the same individuals) and a single-day high count of 14 on November 2. Below are two of my favourite photos of them!

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