Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rarities of days gone by (2015)

Ok, so I haven't posted for quite a while. That's not to say that I haven't seen anything interesting, or thought about posting - mostly that I simply haven't had the time/motivation to do so! I have a few posts coming down the pipes though between other projects, so stay tuned.

This year was relatively unproductive for me, as far as rarities go, as work brought me out of Ontario at just the wrong time (read: mass invasion of southern rarities). I then had terrible luck twitching anything in the Maritimes through the spring/summer (probably about a 15% success rate), and we had a relatively quiet fall out on the islands. Looking on the bright side, I did get to see a few pretty great birds, even if I had to find a good number of them myself! Also, having seen 1100+ species in Colombia this winter made it tough to complain about birding up here.

So, here are some of the more exciting sightings this year! Instead of posting a ton of photos here, I'll highlight eBird's new Media function, and you can choose which photos to look at. Overall I added 1 new ON bird, 4 new QC birds, 19 new NS birds and 51 new NB birds, bringing my provincial lists to 350, 178, 313 and 206, respectively. Self-found birds marked (sf).

Apr 26/27 - Yellow-headed Blackbird (sf), Long Point ON -

May 7 - Kentucky Warbler, Long Point ON -

May 12 - Sandhill Crane (sf), Beaubassin (NB/NS border, no photo) -

May 15 - Eurasian Wigeon+Glossy Ibis, Sackville NB -

May 24 - Summer Tanager, Bear Point NS -

May 28 - Marbled Godwit, Grand Manan NB -

Jul 16-19 - Bicknell's Thrush (sf), northern NB - not a rarity but not a bird one gets to see often, much less handle! -

Sep 25 - Little Gull (sf), Seal Island NS - no photo -

Sep 26 - Kentucky Warbler (sf), Seal Island NS - no photo -

Oct 2 - RUFF (sf), Seal Island NS, arguably the highlight of the fall season on the islands -

Oct 19 - Yellow-throated Vireo (sf), Bon Portage Island NS -

Oct 24 - Red-shouldered Hawk (sf), Townsend's Solitaire (sf), Dovekie (sf) - Bon Portage Island, NS - no photo -

Nov 5 - BLACK RAIL (sf), Kentville NS - no photo -

Nov 7+20 - WESTERN FLYCATCHER, Antigonish NS - 

Nov 14 - Summer Tanager, Jolicure NB -

Nov 22 - Not one but TWO Mountain Bluebirds (sf), and a Western Kingbird (sf) - Digby Co, NS -

Nov 23 - Boat-tailed/Great-tailed Grackle (sf), Yarmouth Co NS - no photo -

Dec 7 - Black-billed Magpie, Echo Lake ON -

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