Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pelee photos pt. 13

AKA more horribly cropped photos of rarities...just a few more and then it's on to good shots of common birds!

Brandon and I were bored out of our minds one afternoon - spent it at the Tip photographing swallows and kingbirds sitting on the sand, then when we got tired of that I started digging holes - at which point we joked about how digging holes and skipping rocks seem to turn up rarities while at a waterbird count...

About 5 minutes after we gave up digging holes and started skipping rocks, Brandon picked up a small egret flying down the beach - Snowy Egret!!!!

A few minutes later, Brandon's dad joined us, not having received our text about the egret. Just as I turned around to toss another rock into the water, I spotted another one headed our way!

Having only seen one Snowy Egret in Ontario before (last year at Port Maitland), it was pretty cool to see two in five minutes.

Since these photos are pretty bad, here's a bonus - a Worm-eating Warbler from the next day - my first reasonably identifiable shot of this species - also a big crop but what can you do?

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Linda said...

Beautiful photos.