Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pelee photos pt. 7

The star of the show, my lifer Swallow-tailed Kite! Thanks to Mike and Erica Burrell for finding and tracking it for 30km down the lakeshore, from Port Alma all the way into the park! After it flew into the park and people were (impatiently) waiting for it to fly over the visitor centre, I (sort of jokingly) said "It'll be here in 3 minutes...", at which point Barb announced to the whole crowd (of about 80 people) my prediction of 3 minutes... Luckily for me, about 2 minutes and 59 seconds later it popped up over the trees to the delight of everyone present! At first there were gasps, then dead silence (save for the rapid-fire clicking of camera shutters), and when it was gone, a round of applause and cheers went up and celebrations were had. What a bird!

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ljb said...

Love the story ... and nice pics too!