Monday, January 9, 2012

More Christmas Break (pics)

Well, here's the photos, as promised - enjoy!

 Red-necked Grebe (deceased) at Gros Cap

 Gros Cap - it was pretty windy!

Dead mouse (deer mouse??) - I saw almost as many dead things at Gros Cap as alive.

Hermaphrodite-ish female Mallard - note green in head, dark lore, dark rump, sprays of whitish feathers along flank - on a side note, the bird from my other post turned out to be just a late bloomer - I saw the same male Mallard later in the break and he had filled in quite a few adult feathers!

 American Black Duck x Mallard hybrid (green head, whitish feathers on flank, odd coloured rump)

As you can tell, I was quite proficient at finding dead birds that would be rare for the area in winter - this is a Double-crested Cormorant

 Herman got right in there to fight for food!

 Oh hey there.

A species I have surprisingly few 'good' photos of...Rock Pigeon

This Downy Woodpecker allowed me to approach within 3 feet - camera stops focusing at 4.5!

Cedar Waxwing at Dunbar Forest

A Red-winged Blackbird in January? What global warming? Note the three robins in background.

American Robin checking me out

Female Pine Grosbeak pigging out on berries

Her partner

Emily's shot of the Snowy Owl that she spotted (taken with my camera)

A real American Black Duck...none of that hybrid business

Another shot of Herman, just because...

White-throated Sparrow - another late lingerer

The famous Mountain Bluebird in Puslinch, and her Eastern companion

Looking for bugs - they were quite tame, actually flying closer to me!

Some Wild Turkeys I found while driving the backroads

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dwaynejava said...

A pleasure to see these great winter species in the SSM. The Pine Grosbeaks were a treat as I've never seen them. Nice shots of the Moutain Bluebirds as well. I saw them in BC this summer, but at a greater distance.