Thursday, January 19, 2012


That's probably the best word to describe my birding (or lack thereof) in the past little while! On Sunday, Emily and I went over to Hamilton (Bayfront Park) as a packing break to get her to 200 - a venture in which we succeeded with Ruddy Duck, Black-crowned Night-Heron and Cackling Goose. She's now in England for the next 6 months and has already seen two birds that would be lifers for me...

Anyway, some pics to keep you all interested - nothing too spectacular but always nice to get out in the sunshine!

PS - give the quiz below a shot! I'll give a hint on my next post.

This tame Northern Mockingbird greeted us 

Showing off that nice wing pattern

Surprisingly my best cormorant photo...too bad he's missing some primaries!

A photographer stopped to let us know there was a Red-tailed Hawk sitting in a tree just up ahead...when we got there this is what we found - Black-crowned Night-Heron (juv)! I guess it looks hawk-like?

Common Merganser takeoff sequence

A nice male Hooded Merganser that wasn't too friendly

Most of a flock of 168 Ruddy Ducks

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dwaynejava said...

Great shots David. I think my observation skills are a little too weak to try the quiz. Is the first photo featuring a falcon? I hope that is not a stupid question :-)