Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Band-tailed Pigeon

I had just settled down with my lunch to watch some Top Gear (UK version, of course) when I received a text from Josh. "Band-tailed Pigeon in Bracebridge - leaving in 20, want to go?" Of course! So, him, Reuven and I hopped in his car and off we went. Unfortunately, we arrived about an hour too late, and spent the remaining daylight hours wandering around the Sinclair's property in vain. Later that night, Josh decided to give it another try, so back we went on Sunday morning and this time our luck had turned. We got great views of the bird as it sat in a tree, eating snow. It didn't come down to the feeder while we were there so no great pics but here's what I did manage.

Eating some snow

That weird thing that pigeons do with their heads...

Anyway, a great bird (last one was in London in 2003/2004!).

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Anonymous said...

Sweet...your shots turned out pretty decent!