Thursday, February 23, 2012

Travel Maps - a cool idea

Recently I was inspired by my friends over at Jocotoco Wanderings (namely Ethan Kistler and Chris West, blogs on sidebar) to create a map for the United States showing all the counties I've been to. I also took it a step further and found a map of Canada that shows individual counties (although it isn't as good as the US one...). So, here they are!

Canada - 85/290 or 29.3%, 395 species

USA - a bunch...23 states, 559 species

Obviously, I don't have lists for many of these counties! This also brings me into another cool point which is that my Ontario 'total county ticks' just passed my ABA total ticks list (the total number of species in each province/state added together) yesterday with 2434 Ontario county ticks and 2384 ABA ticks. Of course, I currently only have lists for 38 Ontario counties, but have been to 48 (out of 50), so this probably happened a while ago. I'm also missing checklists for a few states from when I was younger!

Another exciting event (for me at least) was entering my 1000th checklist into eBird today, from Lemoin Point CA, Kingston. It had 36 species on it including the first Winter Wren that I've actually seen in several years (I almost always just hear them singing).

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