Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Quiz

First off, thanks to everyone who answered the previous quiz! Congrats to Brandon Holden for having the best score with 2/4 - I posted it to one of my facebook groups as well and they managed to get 3/4 after some discussion. I'm thinking the last photo may not have been identifiable as nobody managed to get it... So, the answers:

1. (hatch-year) Peregrine Falcon with 2 Herring Gulls (bonus points to Brandon for getting the location as well! WPBO).
2. Northern Mockingbird (actually just down the shoreline from WPBO).
3. Osprey - if you look reeeeallly closely you can see the white over the eye.

And here's the new quiz, taken somewhere in the ABA area. Good luck!

(Click for larger version)


Reuven_M said...

Swainson's warbler

dwaynejava said...

Is it a Swainson's Warbler? I got 0.5/4 on the last quiz... I knew the first photo featured a falcon!

Anonymous said...

Really yellow/brown Swainson's Warbler?

Anonymous said...

Swainson's Warbler?


Mark Cranford said...

Lots of candidates, I'll go with Common Yellowthroat

Alvan Buckley said...

Another difficult one (thankfully I wasn't the only one to fail the last quiz :p )!

I can't think of any ground-dwellers that fit this bird. The best I could think of was Warbling Vireo. Next best option is Tennessee Warbler. But I'll stick with WAVI.