Thursday, August 30, 2012


My apologies for the lack of a post on here! I did have one in the works but then was busy with work, birding and other things... I also have not had internet since August 15 but more on that later!

Yesterday, I left Long Point after 4 months of living there. My mom came down for a night to watch banding and pick me up for some exploring of Norfolk county before heading to Guelph for the night and then driving back to the Sault the next day. That plan got scrapped when I heard that the Thick-billed Kingbird up in Presqu'ile was still around! I convinced my mom (thanks mom!) to take a 3-hour detour to Brighton, from which we drove to Sudbury, getting there just after midnight. I am now in the Sault for a few days before heading back to school and hoping to do a fair bit of birding while I'm here!

Anyway, back to that Kingbird... After a few hours of driving and some frantic unpacking and repacking in Guelph (where I left the majority of my stuff), we were on site where Stu Mackenzie and Ron Ridout were waiting for me with the bird in a scope! Couldn't get much easier than that! To echo what everyone else is saying, what an amazing bird (and record!). It was made that much better by the fact that it was my 400th bird for Canada!

Here's a pic I digiscoped using my mom's phone and Doug McRae's scope (thanks Doug!):

Now if only I had equipment like that...