Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And again...

Yep, I went down to check out the Ross's Goose again...with no luck..again - seems it has flown the coop, at least for now. However, there was a pair of Canvasbacks, along with the Lesser Scaup from yesterday! First time I have ever seen Canvasbacks in town! We usually get a pair or two on a bay about 40km outside town, but since everything but the river is still frozen, they're here :). As for the weather, it's being a little freaky as of late, with temps fluctuating from about -10ºC up to 5ºC, with snow, pouring rain, hail, and gale-force winds. Clouds change to sun, back to clouds, back to sun. Spring is definitely here - although isn't it supposed to be March that has the lion-lamb thing going on?

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