Monday, December 15, 2008


As you can probably tell, I haven't been out lately and am getting quite bored of it. I was pretty busy this weekend though, trying to get a ton of homework done before this week and trying to avoid shovelling the massive quantities of snow. Today is our third day in a row of major winter storm warnings! Hooray... Of course, it isn't even winter yet, although we have had 5 days of storm warnings and about 7 days with snowfall above 15cm (6 inches). No snow days though, us Northern Ontario people are hardy. Also the board of education sucks.... Wind chill tonight is expected to be around -30ºC, with winds up to 60 km/h and snowfall around 10cm. Maybe tomorrow will be a snow day? Probably not. On a happier note, Searchmont will likely be opening all lifts this weekend! Earliest opening that I've ever seen, although with over 200cm of snow so far it is to be expected. So, Wake-a-thon (stay awake all night) on Thursday, CBC on Saturday, and Searchmont Sunday!!!! Then off to Sudbury for Christmas. I'll post our CBC results, probably just for my block (I'm leading one of the riverfront ones), but if I get the total results I'll post those too!

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