Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quiz 3

First of all, congrats to Andrew Spencer and Tim Hajda for acing the last quiz, and to Chris West for getting 5/8 on the species. Answer: Top Photo: Common Goldeneye (m), Hooded Merganser (m), Common Goldeneye (f), Canvasback (m), Canvasback (f), 3 Common Mergansers (m). Bottom photo: Red-breasted Merganser (m), Lesser Scaup (f), Tufted Duck (m), 2 Lesser Scaup (m), and 4 Bufflehead in the background. The Tufted Duck was a bit of a curveball, I'll admit, but you have to keep on your toes in the field! You never know what might show up.

This week should be a little easier. Good luck! And post those answers if you have them, even if you aren't 100% sure! I've only gotten 2 for each of the last two quizzes.

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a birder said...

Least Sandpiper and Semipalmated Plover.