Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pelee photos pt. 8

I decided to split off from the group one afternoon to look for a year bird or two that everyone else had, and shortly after I had a close encounter with a Red Bat (flew by my face about 2 inches away), I got a text that there were some Black-necked Stilts at Hillman. I sprinted most of the 1.5km back to my car and raced over there, just in time for Barb to refind them in a different spot!

Since the pics with my 300mm turned out like this...

And the best I could do digiscoping at 70mm was this...

I asked Jeremy Bensette if I could borrow one of his pics to illustrate these beauties, and he kindly agreed! So here is Jeremy's pic:

Much better, thanks Jeremy! (they flew in closer after I'd left...)

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