Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A failed twitch

On Saturday night, Mark, Reuven and I hopped in a car with Andrew Keaveney and Andrew Don headed for Ottawa. After a brief sleep at Andrew's cottage in Kingston, we headed off towards Ottawa where we hoped the Heermann's Gull would be waiting. After a full day of searching though, we didn't have any luck. We also dipped on Gray Partridge and Northern Hawk Owl, both of which we had reliable sites for!

We did have a few highlights though, with Barred Owl both starting the day off (one at Andrew's cottage) and ending it (one in Perth). We also managed to get good views of the female Barrow's Goldeneye along with a good number of Bohemian Waxwings, several flocks of migrating blackbirds and robins and some new county ticks for me (about 35). I didn't actually get any year birds out of the day but it was still a fun adventure!

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