Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not much to report

Haven't been out birding in a while, but I am hoping to get out next weekend (by which time there should be a few more migrants kicking around)! I have, however, added a few new ones to the yard list just by sitting around on the roof, deck, or in my room doing homework. Ten species, actually, since my last update - mostly common things like Hairy Woodpecker, Northern Flicker and Golden-crowned Kinglet, but also a few highlights like Peregrine Falcon and Belted Kingfisher (an odd sight in this suburban neighbourhood with no ponds!). This brings the yard list up to 64 and with a ton of migrants yet to arrive I'm feeling pretty confident about hitting the 100-mark!

Also, I've only received one response to the song quiz (see below) - need a few more before I'll post the answers!

Hooded Warbler sketch I did yesterday - another month or so and these guys will be back!


dwaynejava said...

David, beautiful sketching of the Hooded Warbler! No matter what species I have tried to scratch in the past, they all end up looking like big bird! :-p

David Bell said...

Thanks Dwayne! Just takes some practice and a fair bit of patience.